How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

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Selling your home is a process that takes time, patience, a little luck, and the right techniques so that potential buyers are properly impressed. While there are aspects to selling your home that are beyond your control, such as the neighborhood in which the home is located, there are things you can do to help retain the home’s value and improve the chances for selling. Here are things to consider when getting your home ready to sell.

In getting ready to sell house, here are a few tips that will help your home make a better impression and maximize the chances for a quicker sale.

Inspect and Repair

Hire a home inspector to identify anything in your house that needs to be repaired or at least properly addressed. The inspector’s report will guide you to what needs to be done that keeps the sale value. Plus, you should inspect the home yourself and replace any broken light bulbs, fix holes in the walls or ceiling, and even repaint the house if necessary.

Remove the Mess

First things first, remove the clutter from the outside and inside of your home. You may want to hire professionals to mow the lawn so that your property is presentable. In addition, you’ll want to increase the appearance of space inside your home by removing the little knickknacks and unnecessary furnishings. Remove as much as you can from the closets and store them elsewhere so that potential buyers can see all the room inside.

Clean It Up

This is the time to hire a professional service to clean up your home. You’ll want to start with carpet cleaners and then hire a cleaning service that takes care of the windows, cleans out the grout from the tile floors and walls, and basically removes the dust, dirt, and stains from the home. A clean home sends the proper message to potential buyers by creating a powerful impression.

Remove Personal Items

Anything that identifies the home to you or your family needs to be removed. This includes family photos, items, toys, memorabilia, or anything that has a personal connection. It may seem counter-intuitive at first, but a potential home buyer is looking at the house while thinking of what they will add if they decide to make the purchase. A photo or item that connects the home to you makes them feel like visitors which is not the impression you want to create when showing off your home.

Creating a Pleasing Aroma

It’s amazing how a pleasing aroma can really improve the impression your home makes on potential buyers. You’ll want to stick to natural scents such as lemons or oranges which you can place on the kitchen or dining room table. Some cinnamon also works quite nicely and a batch of freshly baked cookies never hurts.

In the process of getting you home ready to sell, keep in mind that you are trying to make the dreams of the new homeowner come true. So, the best impression you can make is creating a home that they can picture themselves residing.


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